staffing solutions

alans is ready to meet your human capital needs by providing top notch candidates in a variety of technical and functional disciplines.

We source, screen and match Human talent with opportunities with

right people for right jobs

using seasoned recruiters and proven methods. We utilize state-of-the art search techniques while adhering to a code of ethics that protects both our clients and candidates best interests and leads to best-fit candidates.

Our comprehensive vetting process is second to none and ensures that each candidate goes through a system of checks to be qualified.

Once we have determined a mutual interest in pursuing specific candidates we contact them, apprise them of the opportunity and elicit their interest in the position.

We will then evaluate them with the aim of determining a profile match with the job and understand the suitability & interest of candidates

We first study the company’s existing business activities, organization structure & culture followed by extensive research of respective requisitions which helps us to map out the relevant industry, identify potential job seekers, create interest about company and finally recommend interested and suitable profiles through a set, pre-defined process.

Our team is dedicated to helping companies successfully achieve its business goals in today's dynamic environment.